So there I was, covering great distances relative to the time when it occurred to me that the record was within reach. And the sad thing is, it was within reach in a plain jane fuel-efficient econobox. Of all the fast vehicles this could happen in, the record was going to fall to the commuter car. It reinforced the fact that in a modern car, 4 cylinders and 140 HP are plenty. That was really brought home by the sparring with the 300C Hemi. In the twisties, his horses were no help and his car cornered like, well, horses. It also reinforced the fact that dark was good for this run. The air was cool and the wind noise was somehow louder than the engine. It was as if the night was somehow turning the car into a nocturnal peregrine falcon in full dive.

Upon arrival, the record had been eclipsed by 1.5 minutes !! I walked away from the car smiling. there was something very special about a record-breaking run, regardless of the vehicle….

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