When I am in charge, drivers licenses and vehicles will be differentiated so that lanes on the highway and even non-highway routes of travel are simply off-limits to those individuals and vehicles that have no demonstrated competency to operate safely within the relevant environment. A combination of the vehicle and your license will determine routes of travel and speeds. A simple color code for licenses similar to martial arts belts should do it.

Black is reserved for those who have mastered the art of performance driving/riding and would be subject to very high speed limits such as oh say 170 MPH. Such drivers would maintain that black designation through track days, drivers ed, and other continuing education activities. At the other end of the spectrum, white is provided to new drivers and those who should only ever travel below 25 MPH on residential streets in vehicles externally surrounded by pre-deployed airbags like some kind of hovercraft.

But I digest. In order for the blackbelt driver to operate at blackbelt levels of performance, they must also be driving a vehicle capable of black levels of performance and safety. Such vehicles would have a higher requirement for inspection which might approach Tech clearance at the track. Using this combination, any driver can still drive any vehicle. They enter the  vehicle, slide their license into a slot or wave it nearby via proximity, and the vehicle allows for performance mapping accordingly. This prevents 96 year old Aunt Edna from “borrowing” the F40 or the Hyabusa for a quick joy ride. It also prevents the forgetful blackbelt rider from jumping into the black lane with Aunt Edna’s 1957 Vespa.

Not so fast (or slow) you say, how would you ever enforce this?  Easy, GPS. Stray off course, and audible and visible alarms are followed by repeated dope slaps from a robotic arm in the headrest or triple tree ( an electric dog collar is another good idea). Immobilization of the vehicle would follow for the truly determined. But won’t my 8-year-old nephew hack this system in 5 minutes you say? Your 8 year old nephew can currently produce a driver’s license more authentic than your own, along with credit cards, and US Treasury bonds. He is probably out riding around in your M5 while you sit reading this !!

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