I have never had any interest in owning a Buell, and would probably sell immediately if I won one in a raffle. However, I do regret the loss of an option that demonstrated different styling, engineering, and ideas. I applaud the unique thinking and the maverick tendencies that give rise to something different. They lead to a richer and more diverse landscape where the buyer is more likely to find something that appeals to his/her unique sensibilities. Rather than everybody putting around on cookie cutter cruisers, the vehicular consumer has a rich palette of options. In this spirit, I lament the exit of Buell, as I did AMC, and other unique vehicle manufacturers. I hope others emerge to take their place.

Some ideas rise to stardom and are copied by others, while some remain singature oddities destined for cultural footnotes. They are all subjected to the rigorous testing of the marketplace, but the marketplace is fickle, and a tad insane at times. It is a fine line between a Citroen DS and an AMC Pacer….

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  1. AMC may be gone, but Javelin is now a sought after collector muscle car !! Its only a matter of time unitl the Gremlin X is a six figure car…..;-)

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