vintage filter
new filter

After a season of very few actual miles compared to plan, it was time to put the tii to bed for the winter. I usually change the oil and disconnect the battery or leave it on a battery tender. The positive battery post was covered in acid corrosion, while the negative one was free of it. The difference was one of those felt corrosion protecting washers. I had always doubeted that they actually did anything, but this was pretty conclusive evidence.

I drained the oil and removed the filter only to discover that I did not have a replacement filter on the shelf. After a trip to the basement rummaging through stuff, I turned up the period filter pictured complete with sticker ! It ocurred to me that I had not seen a sticker like this actually in the engine bay, so I put a post out on the 2002FAQ list. I decided to keep the vintage filter, so I left the car on the jackstands and ordered a few replacement filters. You can see the new one, the one I removed from the car, and the vintage one along with the obvious differences.

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