A friend of mine bought a 1976 2002 and joined the cult. Let’s get something straight right away, this is not his first BMW 2002. In fact, it is not his 2nd or 3rd. But it is the first roadworthy one. He has had several parts cars and we have owned a few together, and then there was the one that needed some work to be roadworthy which gave rise to this one. It is a recognized sign of deepening embrace of the 02 cults to simultaneously own more than two of the breed. Particularly if most or all are not roadworthy.

It is a pretty good Chamonix (white) example, with a sound structure, and even a sunroof. Even better, it was being prepared for a life in motorsport (and that’s the plan). As such it has nice parasports with racing tires, it has been de-trimmed except for the rain gutters, the battery was relocated to the trunk with a cutoff switch, it has a sport steering wheel, and it has sport seats. But best of all it has….wait for it……Sidedraft Webers. It has a foam filter, but it needs replacement so we used that as an excuse to remove it. The car is not yet running perfectly, but once you open up the throttle, the sound of the open bellmouths makes you just laugh out loud like a maniacal pre-schooler. There is only one thing to do once that happens.

We went for a ride and kept the webers on howl for as much of the ride as possible. It serves to remind us of how good the basic version of these cars were, and are. It also reminds us of how brilliant these cars were, and are, with just a few changes to intake, fuel, and exhaust. This is going to be a good one….

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