One of the few benefits of a major eastcoast snowstorm is that you are often confined to quarters. This one was just right, allowing us all to get home from work on Friday (at least in my area), and then dumping almost a foot of snow overnight. So, bright and early Saturday morning, I entered the frigid garage to light the heater and then retreated for a cup of coffee. A short while later the garage was inhabitable, and I got to work on the long-neglected 914. It needed to get ready for a roll bar fitting, and I needed to get a seat in it and take care of enough items for it to be driven a few miles under its own power. I had decided some time ago to just carpet the rear firewall for a little sound deadening. The stock upholstery was not going back in. The carpet kit that I got was finally taken out and the spray adhesive was unleashed. Some progress was made, but much more remains. I also reinstalled the engine lid drip tray and got the seat belts located so that I could locate the needed slits in the carpet. I also began to address the issue with the window mechanism in the drivers side door. It felt good to make a litlle progress on this car, and hopefully this will start a major push. Spring, and the opening of the hillclimb season is not far off!!

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