I was finally at the point where the fairing swap needed to happen. The old one had a major crack in it, and had a “touring” windshield which seemed somehow incongruent with the concept of the R90S. Not that it wasn’t a great sport touring mount, it’s just that touring conjures up images that are the exact opposite of bikini (which is how one would describe the R90S fairing). It distorted the lines of this iconic machine. I mean, bikini is short and skimpy, while…..but I digest.
The old came off and the new (as in new to me) went onto the bike. It has its own share of blemishes and is far from perfect, but it is consistent with the rest of the unrestored bike and looks great. The hardware needed some cleaning up on the grinding wheel, and the turn signals were returned to operating condition after some sandpapering of connections. The guages were bolted in place, but sorting out the wiring associated with them will wait for another day.
The windshield I got with the fairing is looking a lot better, but a long way from new. The little plastic hardware thingies (what is the correct name for these things?) securing the windshield were all able to be reused except for 3 of them. I’ll track some down and replace them. All in all, a decent session that had the fairing looking much better.

5 Replies to “Fiddling with Fairings”

  1. I am reliably informed that the "little plastic hardware thingies" are properly referred to as plastic pop rivets. I was somehow thinking that there was going to be a much more exotic name for them, like "petroleum-based upside down palm tree expansion fasteners". Or something.

  2. "…but I digest…"
    Is no longer funny. Please say instead:…but I digress…
    1. digress – lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking; "She always digresses when telling a story"; "her mind wanders"; "Don't digress when you give a lecture"
    divagate, stray, wander
    tell – let something be known; "Tell them that you will be late"
    2. digress – wander from a direct or straight course
    sidetrack, straggle, depart
    deviate, divert – turn aside; turn away from

  3. John, thanks for your comment. I can assure you that I do know the definition of digress. Digest is an inside joke among the core group of folks that I started this site to communicate with. It is lost on those who discover this blog later on though, so perhaps I will need to lose it going forward.

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