You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to celebrate 10,000 miles on the GS odometer. I know that this is barely broken in for the GS, but almost all of these miles are from longer trips to national rallies and other faraway destinations. This year, it will probably get a bunch more if plans hold up. My RT went 68K with just tires and oil changes, and was in great shape when it left the stable, so there are high expectations.

On this morning, a dirt road beckoned, which turned to a path through a field that went down to a lake. It was not a well travelled path, as the bramble was high and the path was little more than trampled grass. It seemed poignant that the GS would depart the paved road for this empty field with the solitude of the morning, and the mist still rising off the lake. Later on the way home, the odometer turned and I stopped for a quick picture. There are not many bikes that you would take across the country, or across town, or across a field, but this is the natural habitat of the GS. Happy 10K.

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