A warm Saturday provided an opportunity for the second assault on the 928 S4. We brought a fully charged battery and had the booster on standby. We were also armed with two new relays, one for the ignition, and one for the fuel pump. The relays on this car do not come out easily, and it is easy to pry off the casing. We finally get the sockets clear and easily insert the new relays. Now for the moment of truth. We have the whole airbox off, and let pressure build for a moment. Then we give the key a turn, and nothing. It spins, but no fire. We try again, and….wait for it……it sputters to life for a few seconds before dying. A few tries later, and it fires up and we let it run for 20 seconds or so. We shut it down, as we have not yet flushed the oil (which looks very good on the dipstick). Pressing engagements have us running off, but mission accomplished.

Its Alive !!

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