When I purchased the Happy Trails panniers over the holidays, I got the lockable lids. They were not ready at the time, and I took regular lids and waited for a swap in February. Well, they arrived in March, and the quick swap took place with no issues. The lockable lids have a hinged cover to keep out the elements, and a rubber grommet where it meets the lid. Hopefully, this will remain a watertight setup for a long time.

In a stranger deal, I swapped some extra /5 parts for a store credit which in turn became a set of Pivot Pegz. I wasn’t really in the market for wider pegs, but the choices were limited. The installation was a breeze. A couple of circlips is all that keeps your footpegs in place on the GS. However, on the left side, you need to remove the gear shift lever in order to get the pin in and out. ¬†Once installed, they proved more comfortable, and far better to stand on due to the wider platform. Without rubber, they may be transmitting a bit more vibration, but that may be more in my mind than factual. We will see on the first long outing…

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