The last time I owned an R50/2, I vowed to move on to an R60/2 next time around (if there was a next time). However, fate does not like fixed or rigid plans, so as I mildly began perusing for sale ads, an R50/2 showed up about 90 minutes from the house. When something is that close, you have to at least take a look, right? It was just what I was looking for; decent unrestored bodywork and paint , reasonable mileage (actually low mileage at 37K), running condition, a good price. What you do not (usually) get at my price point is a well-documented bike with the infamous slingers in some known and preferably recently attended to state. Oh well, what is life without a little risk 😉 The deal involved a visit to look it over and take it for a quick spin, some inevitable haggling on price, and an eventual handshake.

Pictures always look better than the real thing with vintage stuff, so there are a fair number of cosmetic issues to be addressed. These will be tackled in due time…


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  1. Nice bike!

    I have the same mufflers on my '65 R60/2, but I'm not sure what kind they are. Yours is the only other bike I have seen them on. I know they aren't stock, and they look like some Hoske designs, but what are they? If you know, please enlighten me. Thanks.

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