While there is no doubt that the almost straight pipe mufflers on the bike made more sound than the sewing machine noises of the stock arrangement, ¬†they just did not look or sound right to me. Despite the paltry horsepower of this bike, it could make a more obnoxious noise than fit my taste. After searching around for a while and putting a wanted ad out there, the only responses were from folks who (a) had rusty pair that still had some life but looked bad, or (b) were looking for a pair themselves, or (c) had no pipes, but provided some good information on where to purchase. I ended up purchasing a crossover pipe and the mufflers from Hucky’s, who I have purchased a few things from over the years.

The pipes looked great and really now show up the header pipes, which looked fine before ;-). Getting the crossover pipe off was an adventure. The torch came out to heat things up and a little penetrant was left to soak in. Even so, the old crossover eventually went into the vice and gave up its rusty figure for the cause. They new crossover and mufflers went on without issue, and once started, the bike now sounds beautiful if a lot more quiet. One surprise is how much exhaust escapes around the joint between header pipe and exhaust pipe. I will remove and reinstall them to apply some high temp gasket.

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