The strong march toward readiness for travel continues with the sorting of the rear tail light clusters. Somehow, I have three sets of these is various states of suitability for use. I pick the best pair and change the bulbs. Then I change the lenses. I also have three pairs of these, but one set is clearly far better than the rest. Two sets have the US lenses with red turn signals. For some reason I have never liked that concept and prefer my turn signals to be amber.

Next it was on to the seats. Nothing says “stop me, this car may not be legal” like a missing passenger seat, and door panels. Step one is to sort out the passenger side seat and seat belt. Oh, I have three seats, so some mixing ang matching of seat hardware needs to take place in order to get the good one on the passenger side.

On to the missing grills in the bumper, another dead giveaway. They were missing because I needed to sort out the fog lights, which I wasn’t planning to get to for a while. I decided to just get them mounted and behind the grills for now and return to that project some other day.

With things buttoned up, it was off for a test drive that included some highway mileage. Mysteriously, with both seatbelts connected, the flashing handbrake light stopped, and the fasten seat belt sign now works. I’m assuming that I somehow cleared up a ground loop. The car ran fine, but with no insulation on the floors or the firewall, you get the full auditory experience!

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