On the R50, your tail light sticks out the rear of the bike and invites two kinds of damage: (a) You back up into something, (b) You clip the tail light with something you are carrying or backing out in a garage tight on space, or (c) You flip up the fender to change a tire and dent the tail light housing on the rack or whatever is up on top. So a tail light guard is not just some way to add chrome and satisfy your inner v-twin cruiser, it is actually functional.

The application should be simple right ? No. The two side mounts replace the fender brace rivets, so they need to be drilled out. Carefully. Then you need to find out where the top of the guard mounts to the fender and afix it accordingly. My guard was not brand new, so it took a lot of persuading and measuring to get it just right.

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