The R50 is the perfect mount for a slow Sunday ride through the countryside. Mine arrived without the ability to cary a passenger. After rummaging around in books and on the web, I managed to find versions of a passenger seat that affixed to the fender rack. A Perfect solution since most of the time, the bike would be ridden solo. I sourced a rack and then set out to find a “breadloaf” seat. These things seem to be pretty rare, and pricey as well. I didn’t want to spend much coin on a seldom used solution, so more web searching was in order. I found a replica out of the Philippines, and a converted scooter version no longer made. I opted for the scooter version, and may go for the real thing down the road if I can find one used. It looks ok to me, and it does the trick for a temporary ride with a light passenger 😉

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