There has been a running battle with batteries of late. First the 911E had two bad ones, but they were at least ancient. Then the R90S needed a new one. And now, the Targa contributes to the fray. The car was on the charger the night before an intended voyage, and seemed to charge fine. It started perfectly the next day and we were off for a trip to pick up some small parts about 40 miles away. The car ran perfectly once it burned off some oil which had probably settled in the heat exchangers. On the way back, it turned over in a weak fashion before starting. I drove straight back, and it was almost dead upon arrival home. I checked the charging system which was fine, and put both batteries back on the trickle charger. They were very weak, but charged up fine once again. On the test drive the next day, all was well !! I am beginning to suspect the charger, but the batteries cannot be ruled out yet. I will check them again before the next outing…..It’s always something..


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