In something just short of miraculous, I am going to be able to attend the MOA Rally in Redmond, OR and I am going to ride there and back. Now as usual if you have been reading this blog, the time frame is far tighter than anyone would plan, but such is the nature of things at velocity central. 9 days. 3 days out, 3 days there, 3 days back. Piece of cake.

In a related event, one of the two GPS units in the household died. It is an aging TomTom unit and it lived a full life. As a result, a new clearance TomTom530 has arrived, but now the dilemna. The old one had a ram mount and the new one needed the same to move between car and bike. Gadget Guys to the rescue, and now all the unit needs is some road testing to see if it deals well with vibration. Unlike the old, there is nowhere to attach some velcro for insurance. We will see. Meanwhile stay tuned for more rally prep….

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