In this wave, I once again worked on several things, and struggled with the location for almost all of them. First, I tried to find a place to mount the camera suction cup base. It turns out that there are no flat surfaces anywhere near where it needs to go. That quest continues, and I may need to create a shelf right behind the windshield. I also picked up a one-into-two cigarette lighter accessory socket. After looking around for where to mount that, the inside of the front body work is looking most promising.

I did mount the auxiliary fuel bottle on the right pannier. I opted for that location since it is (a) outside the luggage, (b) not the most rearward thing on the bike as it would be if I went behind the pannier, and (c) somewhat shielded from debris and wind as it is behind the driver leg (and the passenger leg). After poking around on web forums, I opted for a bicycle bottle holder plus fire extinguisher holder plus industrial velcro solution. Longer shakedown ride to follow shortly.

The dry bag that I had for some time unused will probably go on top of the right pannier as things stand, but that is subject to change as the tent, tarp, and sleeping bag all fit in the top box. I had this all worked out on my RT, but I am trying to avoid the old gunny sack across the passenger seat configuration. right now, it can’t be ruled out.

In other news, the new smoke shield for the helmet arrived, so I can choose not to wedge the sunglasses in behind the clear shield. I’m also doing an oil change this weekend. Time is suddenly dwindling……

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