Work in the garage continues at a lively pace now that the car runs reasonably well and can be relied upon for longer distances. As the concentric circles grow in diameter, confidence grows. One one run of around 60 miles, the car failed to start after getting gas. It had power, but no starter action. Things looked ok underneath, but a jiggle of the solenoid wire revealed that it had perhaps a strand or two holding it on. Once things cooled down (why is the problem always close to the headers or exhaust?), I stripped some wire and made enough of a connection to get it started. The trip back included some stints in excess of 90MPH, and the engine was smooth and strong. Back at home, a more permanent fix was made. In addition, several other shakedown niggles were fixed. The blue coil was a little smaller than the original, so it needed some padding in order to stay secure and avoid arcing against the sheetmetal. A hole in the sheetmetal for the carburettor warming duct was sealed off using my artisan metalworking skills (tin snips and a drill 😉


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