The 914 is very reliable at this point, and I have used it on longer errands, and on a few late afternoon rips through the leaves. It is because of this, that I have discovered another item to track down. It likes to live above 3 grand on the tachometer and will happily fly along up there for sustained periods of time. This is the sweet spot on the cam, and it is probably the same reason for the flat spot down below. However, it pings a little when under full load. At first I thought it was gas, and it was better with the next tankful. But not gone. I rechecked the timing which was almost dead on. I added some octane boost, and it got better yet. But not gone. I’m going to drain the oil and check the valves, pull the plugs, and perhaps dig out the pertronix unit that I have laying around somewhere…..stay tuned (pun intended).

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