This is what happens when you go poking around in barns and sheds. On this occasion, I went to look at another bike for sale, and while talking with the owner, discovered that he had an R50 BMW hanging around that needed to go. It was a matching numbers bike in fairly good shape. It was not running, and the tank was off, but it turned over easily with the kickstart, and seemed to have compression. After a lot of talking, I came away with that bike and not the one I went to see. The title had no model designation on it which was not unusual more than a decade ago. The vin number looked pretty low, but I did not remember the starting number for the R50. Once I was home, I looked it up, and it turned out that this was an R60, not an R50 !! It is from the pre-slash2 era, and seems to be a true unmolested, unrestored example. This stuff really does still happen. Happy Holidays indeed.

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