Attorneys like to use the term Discovery for the period when they are exposed to the facts/evidence in a case, and before they formulate their case for trial. And so it is here. The bike is off the trailer and now in the garage where it can be subject to a more thorough inspection.

The bike seems to be in fairly good shape overall. There is pitting in all of the chrome, and the exhausts are shot, as is the crossover pipe. Some of the chrome may be ok with steel wool and never dull, but the majority will not recover without re-plating. The body is very good with few dents and remarkedly good original paint. This includes the tank. Lots of surface rust, but no structural concerns.

The seat is the best condition SchorshMeier I have ever seen on an unrestored bike of this era. The luggage, however, has not aged as well. Overall though, the 39K miles are very credible, and the oil coating on the bottom of the sump suggests that it may have been running in the last few years as reported. The strangest thing has been the highway bars which are bolted across the top of the motor !!

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