A few hours in the garage will work wonders for the soul, and work wonders for progress. The goal in this instance was to remove the wheels and fenders after a long soaking of the axle nuts in penetrant. The rear axle pinch bolt was easily removed, and the axle came free with minimal persuasion. The seals need attention, but other than that, the brakes actually look great inside. The drive gear visually looks good as well with square splines. I will need to research the electrical connection from the rear fender, as what is there looks like an old auto store connector. The front fender was a little different. The small bolts were seized and did not respond to penetrant and heat. One of them snapped off with next to no pressure, while another was already completely rounded off. Vise grips to the rescue. One of the shock nuts was in the same rounded shape, but thankfully responded to heat and came free. The Earl’s fork pivot is not rotating freely, so that will come apart for R & R. A lot to cleanup, but not bad for a short stint.

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