In a spate of sheer madness, I decided that I could take the bike and motor down to the base elements, clean the slingers, and put it all back together. It would teach me something, and what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger. The shocks and final drive all came apart with no issues. In fact, the worst part of the teardown was the exhaust ring on one side which required a lot of heat and penetrant to remove. It broke the tool I bought along the way. Pulling the motor was a bear !! It looks simple as you view it in the frame, but it is a job for two people with strong hands. Once out, you need the right tools to do the job and I did not have all of them. My friend Ron had some, but he was away, and Greg from Florida did, but he was 1100 miles away. Then the work schedule and the home schedule were not cooperating with the rebuild schedule. Progress stalls again. Aaaaarrrrggghhh !!

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