Behind the scenes, the motor has been liberated from the car and the block has been checked. The cylinder bores are right on target at first repair (96 mm), and the deck is flat. All of the pistons are also within specifications. This is very good news as one of them looked a little nicked up on one of the ring lands. Turned out to be ok.  It would have been very difficult (not to mention expensive) to find a single ECE piston at first repair size (or even a set).

With the pistons and block ok, I went looking for a set of rings. The Euro sizes are different, and while you might be able to find stock sizes off the shelf, first repair is again a tough search. After being advised to send a piston out to one of the race shops like JE pistons, I came across Deves from one of the forums. A few measurements later, and they said I could have them in two weeks. They arrived and measured ok. The crank checked out ok after an emery cloth session, so now it is time for bearings and let the assembly begin…

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