After an impressive bout of procrastination, I was forced to swap the wheels on the tii by the impending trip down to North Carolina for the Vintage at the Vineyards event. I hauled the BBS wheels up one at a time from the basement, changed them, and then hauled the bottle caps back down one at a time. Pain in the butt, but I got it done. Then work interfered with plans and the trip to NC was shot down. In retaliation, I decided to use the car as a daily driver over the long holiday weekend. I drove it to work, on errands, and then on Sunday went to get a few things at the local home center. It dawned on me that this trip in particular exemplified how a 40-year-old vehicle (well 39 technically) can still be competent today. It seats four, will haul butt in the left lane (the home center is a few exits away), has a spacious trunk ((2 50lb bags of potting soil, some solar lights, etc), and will dance through the curves on the scenic way home.

One of the back roads home has a tight turn followed by a nice clear stretch. As I rounded the curve and accelerated, a BMW Z4 was coming the other way. We passed about mid-way, both doing about 80MPH. I thought I could see the gaping mouth of the other driver as the instantly recognizable snout of the tii flashed past him at speed! Surprisingly fast, surprisingly useful, And, even today, surprisingly good.

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