Like many, I have a favorite local coffee shop. Except it is really a great French bakery. And by local, I mean 50 miles away. It is the perfect early morning destination, as there are no major roads that can get you there from home. You have to ride backroads that meander along the Delaware river and its tributaries. Depending on the mood, you can make this a spirited ride, or a very ponderous one. On this occasion, I was feeling more spirited than ponderous, and the R90S was the weapon of choice. It has not been getting much exercise lately with the other activity in the stable, and the new tires were still, well, new. This would be a good chance to scrub them in a little.

The R90S Dellortos actually need to warm up. They are grumpy when first started and get noticeably better after 5 minutes of riding. Today was no different, and I sputtered away to spare the neighbors. The morning was cool and rain from the prior evening left damp patches along the shady parts of the road. Once warmed up, the bike was its usual brilliant self, inhaling the cool air and translating it into thrust. I had to remember the tires still equipped with whiskers and go easy in the corners. I had the roads mostly to myself, and thoroughly enjoyed the bike and the ride there. At the bakery, I had a coffee and Brioche, and then got some still warm goodies to put into the Krausers for the sleeping mob at home. I decided to keep them warm by getting back at a very spirited clip. The bike was a willing accomplice, and it once again showed what a masterpiece it was in 1974.

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