The quest for dirt has intensified after the MOA Rally a few weeks ago. On this day, the search leads to central PA and a couple of large state parks which border each other. Running through them are a few roads which are sometimes chipset, sometimes gravel, sometimes rocks, and sometimes dirt. Leading off from the main trail are a number of secondary dirt roads which are sometimes jeep trails, sometimes grassy rootsy singletrack, and sometimes dead ends !! One of them lead to a beautiful Alpaca farm where the animals were as curious about me and my steed as I was about them.

I spent the day finding all sorts of great views and secluded treasures. I passed very few vehicles throughout the park. The GSPD was great offroad though a little too softly sprung up front at times. Back on the roads, I dialed down the rear fox shock, and cornering improved substantially. It is clear though, that the brakes need some improvement. I will be looking into pads as a start.

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