The E has not gotten a lot of exercise so far this year. Not as bad as this journal might suggest, as it has been out a few times, but not a lot. The 2nd Non-Annual Classic Velocity Fall Rallye was going to be a good excuse to add a few hundred miles. However, as the day drew close, it looked like we might have nothing but Porsches, and I would drive the Tii for diversity. Fortunately, that was not the case, and the E snarled into life to lead the group.

It is very difficult to keep a car this sporting in check on public roads. It is also tough to stay controlled leading a diverse group of cars in a non-performance mode. The car sounds and feels better when you step on it. I had Kevin along as passenger, and he had a fun time trying to hold on as we tested the limits on a few on ramps and S curves.

Great country roads, scenic by-ways, cool temps, great fall colors, the sound of a flat six on song behind your head. It doesn’t get much better than this….

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