Somehow, the relatively new plugs in the R60 are fouled. It of course has something to do with the carburetor troubles that prevent it from running well. Rich on one side, choke problems, etc. So a first step was some adjustments and a new set of fire makers from NGK. With replacement, it started first kick, but the fueling problems continue, and some jetting experiments are next on the list. It did make it around the block a few times though and showed its potential once I sort things out. Stay tuned…

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  1. Are you STILL fiddling with the carbs? I told you I was sick of them! Try switching out the resistor spark plug caps and use no-resistor plug caps (with copper/no-resistor wire…I think the wires are good, but check them again). This will make the plugs a bit hotter. Check to make sure there is a blue snap spark on the new plugs. How about some pictures of the bike? AND, where's my hat?

    I just saw 7 R/50's and R60/s in a nice little row that might come up for sale…and they are as good as they get! Location? A secret.

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