The weather for the annual Gathering of the Nortons did not look good. It was raining and cold in the very early AM, and the forecast called for rain all morning. When the weather is lousy, there is no match for the BMW community when it comes to getting on with it anyway. However, on this occasion, the gang was planning to ride some pretty old stuff that did not see rain if avoidable. Todd was bringing a side car, and I was planning to take the R60 on its maiden voyage with the carbs still not fully sorted. We decided that more modern equipment was the wise choice, and the R100GS was a natural choice.

Once on the road, the weather forecast turned out to be wrong (surprise !!). The sun peeked out, and the morning steadily improved. We followed a circuitous route to the event, and the GS zoomed along with some much more modern and sporting equipment (K1200S, Guzzi Nero Corsa, etc). A nice ride that ended at a great event (see Norton Gathering 2012).  I am looking forward to some more miles coming up.

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