The trouble with owning a great cruiser like the fiver is that you want to take it on every long drive that presents itself. I had a long work trip and decided to take for a 400+ mile roundtrip. The trouble with a car this smooth is that you end up going faster than you think. The trouble with going fast is that you attract the attention of the constabulary. The other trouble with going fast in the fiver is that you burn vast amounts of premium gasoline. The difference in mileage between travelling at legal speeds and travelling at warp speed is CRAZY in this car. Like 100 miles less on a tankful crazy. I actually thought I had a gas leak. But the car sounds so good in the upper rev range, and it is dead stable at triple digits. What we need is some Autobahn around here. The trouble with that is I want to be the only one on it….

Oh, by the way, happy 28K !!

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