One of the more cosmetic areas on the bike that I am not opposed to tackling is the only gauge it has. Typically, the position on top of the headlight nacelle exposes it to the ravages of the sun. Since paper is involved, the speedometer can quickly look much older and in much poorer condition than the rest of the bike. Fortunately, places like Hucky’s sell repair/restoration kits for the speedometer. After removing the speedometer, I noted that it was correctly stamped 1958. The one in my 65 R50/2 is actually stamped 1964. In my typical fashion, I did not want to do a complete restoration of the speedometer, I just wanted it to look presentable. This means that I left the original face of the speedometer intact. I cleaned up the needle, replaced the battered bezel, and of course replaced the rubber seals. Back in the bike, it looked much improved, but not too good. Just the way I like it.

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  1. Wayne, It sounds like it is running good now…I hate carbs. And motorcycles.

    However, it looks very likely that I will be purchasing another R50 (1957 with very low mileage) on Monday. My friend described it as "excellent original paint, no damage, rusted mufflers, last driven in late 1970's, sport saddle bags, tires still holding air, has spark, compression, no battery,,,) It this all turns out to be true, I'll have another project for June! Come on down for a visit. Jeff

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