Over the late winter into spring and now into summer, the Pennsylvania-based early 911 group known as the Erste Gruppe have met a number of times not too far away. The location is usually a small café where the group can constitute half the customers on any given visit. The first couple of visits in 2012 were during frigid temperatures. This was particularly rough on hotrod cars  with no heat exchangers.

However, it was only partially about breakfast. Following breakfast, the group  usually gathered for a photo, and then invariably went on a loosely planned run through the surrounding countryside. I usually peeled off after a short period of time to head back, and did not complete some of the runs, but what I did participate in was fun and fast. So this in fact constitutes a summary post covering several months where the 911E coupe has actually been out and running. It’s just this journal that’s lagging….

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