It is funny how you intentionally seek out the best possible version of a vintage vehicle both in terms of its cosmetic condition and it’s mechanical and running condition, only to then take it completely apart as soon as you can get it back to your cave. Of course, sometimes they’re not in great condition, and sometimes they are not running well, or at all.

The RT was one of those vehicles Where I expected to find a few issues. It had a Dunstall two into one exhaust installed by a previous owner. It just seemed odd to do this with an RT when there were so many more sporting BMWs to apply this to. But then I learned that what he really wanted was to make sure that he was heard by deer and by other motorists.

Once back at the garage, I could not wait to get those pipes off the bike. I also drained the fluids which were pretty nasty, and installed new air and oil filters. In the process of changing the oil, you need to drain the oil cooler (yes, this early bike surprisingly has an oil cooler). I dumped some SeaFoam in the tank, and drained the float bowls which looked pretty good. Brake pads were pretty good as well, but the fluid was not. I found no evidence of electrical modifications or any other changes, other than the exhaust, so I was very encouraged.

I removed the front lower faring with an eye towards installing new points, but discovered that I didn’t have the right ones so that will wait. I did change the spark plugs though which seemed old, but were a good color. They were a pair of of splitfire plugs, and I hastily replaced them with Bosch units.

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