After several trips of a few hundred miles, a couple of things are apparent. First, the Corbin seat looks comfortable, but the wings interfere with this human’s thighs, and after giving it a while, the looks have not grown on me. Consequently, I went looking for a stock seat, which lead to discovery #2. Parts for the RT are plentiful, but not cheap. Bad seats were $200 and good ones were $300! It took a lot of searching to uncover a good one on Craigslist for a poor one price. Sold. It turns out that the stock seat is very comfortable, and now the tail of the bike looks right.

Meanwhile, up at the head of the bike, the stock windshield had a problem. One of the metal posts which allow you to adjust the height of the windshield was broken. I only discovered this because the wind last hit me right in the face shield when lowered. I went to raise it and voila. I am not sure how you can break one of these posts, but it was sheared off and rugged although aged. I should have spotted this on inspection before purchasing the bike, but I missed it. Discovery #3, there is no such thing as a cheap windshield. You would think that there would be a $100 deal for an old RT, but no. $200 and up, same as the seat. I finally found a blemished one from ClearVue who I can recommend. It has a slight tint, and a cool vent that reduces buffeting and will be good in warmer weather. I have yet to find the blemish, and the bike looks great.

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