Weekends represents the best time to gather if you have a group of mostly working individuals. Any excuse will do, like national Frappe day, or national Indian Pudding day, or Absurdity day (I did not make these up!). Or, you can gather just because the cars need some exercise, which is what we did one November Sunday. The morning began with a dense fog in places. The kind that varies between pea soup and wispy gray mist which lightly impairs visibility. Regardless of the variability, it was clear that it would burn off in a matter of hours. The starting point beckoned…One of the pleasures of such gatherings of the clan is that you never know what combination of vehicles will show up. The group is kind of Porsche-centric, but there are Anglophiles and Italophiles, and general Germanophiles in the group. There are also raceophiles, and concoursophiles, and projectophiles, and noneofmycoolstuffwouldstartophiles. It makes for a sort of lottery of vintage metal.

The format of the gathering has two basic variations; Meet for breakfast and then go for a drive, or go for a drive where breakfast is the destination. Brunch is sometimes the meal of choice on Sundays, and lunch or dinner are also popular choices on other days. You would be forgiven for thinking that we are really food people driving interesting conveyances. The giveaway that we are not food people, is that the eatery does not have to be any good. It just has to be in the midst of good roads.

On this Sunday, the gathering included two early 911 Targas, an Austin Healey, a 911SC, a 356 D Roadster, an Alfa Sprint Speciale, a BMW 2002, and a Ferrari 360. Fortunately, the Ferrari was able to keep up 😉 We meandered through the countryside enjoying the sounds and sights and smells of this diverse convoy. The drive on this Sunday was not aimed at testing the performance capabilities of any of the vehicles. Although, the Ferrari had probably never gone so slow for so long. Up hill, and down dale, we swept the sweepers and sailed the straights, and traced the tributaries. All too soon, we arrived at the eatery.

On this day, there was a nice buffet, a little tinkering on the D Roadster, and further examination of the varied cluster of cars. You could not have asked for greater variation in engine bays. Everyone departed under sunny skies to further driving, a list of chores, a family event, or some other agenda for the rest of their day. However, all were looking forward to the next gathering on any Sunday.

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