Just in case you have missed Classic Velocity Laws #1 and Classic Velocity Laws #2, you can use these links to see more universal laws applicable to how the vintage iron world works.

  1. If you are running out of fuel, the brand of fuel at the next gas station will be your least favorite, if it has a brand at all.
  2. The sound of a carbureted air-cooled motor behind your head at high revs is music.
  3. The handling of a properly setup vintage air-cooled Sportscar at speed is elegantly dancing to that music.
  4. 90% of punctures on a motorcycle are on the rear tire, because it is the hardest to remove and to work on.
  5. It is better to worry about the wear and tear on your vintage engine, than to purchase a magnetic drain plug and remove all doubt.
  6. The first person to come up with an Ethanol remover is a millionaire and will have the undying loyalty and admiration of gearheads everywhere.
  7. Going fast in a slow vehicle is better than going fast in a fast vehicle or going slow in a fast vehicle or going slow in a slow vehicle or not going anywhere at all in a vehicle of any speed or going fast behind a slow vehicle or definitely going slow behind a fast vehicle or fasting in a slow vehicle or slowly fasting or fast becoming slow or….
  8. If any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, then any sufficiently simple technology is indistinguishable from common sense.
  9. Castrol should make a cologne and a sports drink.
  10. Fuel, air and fire. That’s all you need.

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