It simply followed me home. On the trailer behind me of course, but this cat did actually follow me home. I was not looking for anything in particular, so it was just the usual list of desirables that prompts casual searching from time to time. Searches turned up nothing which was perfectly okay with me, having several projects that needed attention. And then, in a casual conversation at work that had nothing to do with vehicles, the bait appeared.
“So you are into old cars right?”
“… old sports car just sitting there getting worse…”
“…doesn’t want much for it…”
A few phone calls and emails later, I pulled the tow vehicle up to the garage where it sat for years. It was a 1986 Puma GTC titled as a 1968 VW beetle because Pumas were never really officially imported into the USA as whole cars. As a result, some got titled as kit cars and others got titled as VWs because that is the chassis and motor upon which the Brazilian body sat. To add interest, it was owned by one of the DuPonts and in fact, that is the estate from which I picked it up in Delaware and the name on the New Mexico title. Interesting, yes?

The car is in decent condition, having spent most of its life in the desert southwest. However, I know next to nothing about them, and getting this one back in shape will have a learning curve (note the baseball bat hood stand). The good news is that I am very familiar with the chassis and the motor…

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