The beautiful thing about museums is that their collections change over time. They need to keep things fresh and interesting, and ultimately they need to keep you coming back. I am sure that this presents a challenge for the curator, but it presents nothing but goodness for the visitor. The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum happens to be in Hershey Pennsylvania, which is the home of any number of excellent automotive events from hill climbs to concours to the annual Porsche swap meet recently covered. And it was a Porsche exhibit that resulted in me paying yet another visit to that museum.

An email suggested that I might be interested in visiting the latest exhibit featuring dubbed Porsche Design and Style. I was. It was intended to look across the history of Porsche by using select examples. To the casual observer, Porsche has very little variation (see Shaping an Icon), but there is a wide range to cover, particularly if you include competition cars. How can you possibly depict this with just over 20 cars ? A very tall order given the number of models and the number of years, but this is what museums do.

They did a good job of highlighting just how much variety exists within the marque and also covered a lot of time. Like any such exhibit, the Porschephile will find the exhibit too short and missing a few key machines, but there is the entire rest of the museum to visit, and it includes some other interesting stuff. It has been worth several hours of my time more than once, and I suspect it will be well worth a few hours of your time as well…

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