On a recent nice day, I thought that I would take the E out to get the oil circulating for an oil change. I turned the key, and it cranked over but would not fire. Lovely. Fuel was fine, but the distributor contacts had some buildup, and the plugs looked ready for retirement. Well, time flies, and it seems that I had not done a basic tuneup on the car in two years ! That has not been a lot of miles, but it has been enough intermittent outings to have exceeded the time portion of the formula. A quick trip to find some NGK plugs and then a wait for a distributor cap to arrive. Changing the plugs on these cars is a PITA because you have to feed them down a hole blind with a plug socket and extension that will hold the plug, but not too tight or you will be trying to extract the socke when the plug is finally in. Then the car fired right up. I ran it for a while and then ran out of time. Next up, the actual oil change..

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