A breakfast meeting with a few of the crew from the Erste Gruppe provided a good opportunity to get the E some exercise. The route to the meeting spot was a familiar and picturesque route that was superb if you are on it early enough to avoid the hoards of cruiser bikes and trapped sports cars. I was out very early, and the roads were clear, but there was a pretty thick fog engulfing the river road. Still, a great run as always.

Once there, another treat was in store. We had a good breakfast and spoke about all things Porsche and beyond. Afterwards, I had a chance to take Lee’s RSR replica for a spin. It was built to be street and track with the emphasis on track. It is a taut, fast package that feels like it has been hewn from a solid block of billet aluminum. On the slightly damp roads, I was on my best behavior with someone else’s (expensive) machine. A beautiful car, and a a great experience…..


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