One of the sure ways to attract the attention of the local constabulary is a broken tail light. It is in all of the cliche movie moments, and is used to pullover the murderer or the bank robber in their escape vehicle. Cue the chase scene, shootout ensues, cops get injured, etc, etc, etc. I generally try to avoid getting shot, or shooting people for that matter, so I decided to fix the tail lights in order to perform further testing of the car.

I am not sure what it is about classic german cars, but they seem to crack, break, burn up, or distort tail lights in unusual quantities. Every swap meet has many many tail lights for sale in various stages of quality. The holy grail is of course new oem in the box, but good quality exhaust side lenses are prized as well. In my case, both lenses were poor, but the drivers side was broken with about a third of it missing. Constabulary bait ! Friends to the rescue as Ed had a set of decent lenses.

Let the diagnostics continue….

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