Well it had to happen eventually. A component on the infallible tii became fallible. I started it and planned to take a short drive to prepare it for a weekend trip. Then I noticed the problem. In this case, it was the electric fuel pump. The car actually started and ran fine, but while warming up, a puddle developed at the rear, and it became obvious that fuel was leaking from the pump. I am glad I saw this, as the leak was spraying fuel across the undercarriage including right onto the exhaust pipe. I quickly shut it off. I hoped it was a hose, but it was from the pump itself. After 42 years, you cannot really fault the pump, but I am suspicious that sitting for many months along with fuel containing ethanol during the last few years was a contributor. Now for the shocker. A new original pump is around $800 !! They have gone crazy during the last few years while I have not been paying attention. There is no real reason for this, as they are a simple electric pump, but the cars are climbing in value, and so certain components are now ridiculous. Fortunately, there is a common Bosch substitute, and I decide to go that route for now while I seek out an original.

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