There are a surprising number of small but important items that need to be transferred to the R 1150 GS adventure. They include RAM mounts, which have been used extensively, and which adorn any motorcycle I use to cover a significant distance or time. They are used for my GPS, and a cell phone. They have also been used to mount a camera for video. More importantly, they have been used as a cradle for my beer working on the machine in the garage. I have also mounted my pivot pegz. These incredible foot pegs have a comfort function which is almost invisible, until you get on the machine that doesn’t have them. They allow your foot to find its natural angle and facilitate gear changes and braking. It didn’t take long on the R1150 to determine that they were needed.

Other than those, there were the assortment of items from the luggage cases, and a redefinition of the tool roll.  since the top case is now deeper than what I have been used to, there are items from the tank bag that may be relocated. Speaking of the tank bag, I now have a metal tank which would lend itself to a magnetic tank bag such as the one that I have been using on the back of the R60 and on other bikes. However that tank bag is much smaller than the Wolfman bag. It turns out that the Wolfman bag will not fit anyway as the bars and the GPS protrude back over the tank. So it looks like smaller magnetic tank bag is going to be the answer.

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