In 1950s postwar Germany, NSU was well known for its motorcycles. In fact, it was the largest producer of motorcycles in the world. The NSU Konsul was produced from 1951 to 1954. It featured a dry sump four stroke single cylinder engine with pushrod actuated overhead valves. The model was produced in two variations, a 350cc (Konsul I) and a 500cc  (Konsul II). It had a four speed gearbox with one up and two through four down. The gearbox was also a right side shift more common to British bikes.

Both models exceeded 100 kph, and featured telescopic forks, and Bing carburetors. Though no very successful, the Konsul II did have a competition version which raised output from 22hp to 33hp. Overall, 8247 Konsul I models were produced, and 5966 of the Konsul II by the time production ended in 1954. These were not big numbers compared to other NSU models, but the Konsul filled a key gap in the lineup of a company that was more like today’s Honda.

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