A couple of items that arrived on the heels of the MOA rally were due for install. The oil cooler is one of the few vulnerable points on the GS, and it inevitably gets full of crud on a  road trip like the one to MN. The other problem is that it is a radiator, so it is difficult to clean without damaging the cooling fins. Touratech makes a simple guard unit, but it is a pain to install, as you have to dismantle the front of the bike. That makes it a couple of hours to get the job done. However, it looks good and will help protect the cooler.  The other item is a Dimple magnetic drain plug. After seeing these work on my older machines , I am a believer. I did not yet need an oil change, but after the long trip home, I decided to perform an early change and install the drain plug. Lastly, I replaced the makeshift hinge on the top case with a factory replacement.

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