This event continues to surprise. Year after year, there are some great new cars that come out for the event. There are also some that appear every year. This year attracted more Daimlers, for example, and far fewer Jaguars than normal. Regardless, the show is a good excuse to go and view a few hundred well-preserved and well-restored examples of vintage vehicles. Mercedes was particularly well represented this year with a large number of SL cars, and a pontoon sedan. Porsche cars included a teal 356 cabriolet, and a lovely 912 Targa. BMWs featured a nice 3.0 CS, and a rare-in-the-USA 2000 tiSA Lux. Only a couple of vintage Beetles made an appearance to represent VW, and there were no Audis or Auto Unions or DKWs. As a small (pun intended) consolation, there was an excellent fully restored Mescherschmidt, and an R60 motorcycle. But this is not a German show….

Most of the non-Asian auto-producing nations were present. Sweden had a nice Volvo P1800 wagon, and a 1965 Saab 96. Italy had a few Alfa spiders, and a GTV. There was also a superb 695 Abarth. As usual, Italy was well represented (read dominant) among the exotica with Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and a De Tomaso Pantera. The Italian sports car show was only broken up by a Ford GT and a GT40 from the USA, and a McClaren from England. Speaking of the UK, they were scattered throughout the show field. I mentioned the Daimler 250s, but there were also Triumph TR3s and TR4s and Spitfires, and a small number of high quality Jaguars. MGs included TD, TF, MGA, and MGB models. There was a strong showing for Lotus, although mostly newer cars, and my friend Roy brought his lovely red over black Austin Healey to compete with several others.

The French were not absent. A Renault Dauphine which appeared to be a veteran of car shows was on hand, along with a nice Citroen DS. The US had a nice Mustang, and a Packard to add to the GT mentioned earlier. No Tatras this year, no Peugeots, but that is the nature of this show. It changes, but it is always a worthwhile day spent with vintage iron. See the link to the full album below.

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