Karl Goebel began as a producer of bicycle frames in 1937 in Bielefeld. It was bad timing as World War II broke out a few years later and the factory was eventually destroyed. They produced motorcycles for the first time in 1951 beginning with the Standard 50. Improvements followed as 50cc and 48cc motors from Ilo and Fichtel&Sachs were paired with strong frames to create well received machines in the marketplace. One of their best selling models was the GS4 Sport, but they also did well with models like the Piccolo, and the Avus. Goebel was one of the most prevalent marques to use the “semi- circular” frame which connected the front fork, the main backbone spar, the engine mount, and the swingarm mount, via a single length of tubular steel.

Among other business deals, Goebel acquired the floundering Meister (see Remembering Meister), but decided not to continue that brand. Ironically, Goebel survived the tough economic times early on and stayed in business producing mopeds until 1984 when it declared bankruptcy.

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