The DKW RT 250 was a single cylinder model introduced at the Frankfurt motorcycle exhibition in 1951. It was the larger displacement version of the RT 200, having increased the bore to 70mm while keeping the stroke unchanged, but it featured several improvements. First of all, the frame now had a plunger rear suspension. The engine performance improved to 14 hp with the RT250/2, as did the gearbox moving from 3 to 4 gears. Engine and gearbox combinations allowed DKW to present 3 different models of the 250 for sale; the RT250, the RT250/1, and the top of the line RT250/2. A sportier S model was introduced for 1956 with a new front fork, a larger tank, and finned cylinders to better dissipate the heat it generated. Other changes from the 175 and 200 included a larger toolbox, switching the exhaust to help with sidecar use, and a locking steering column on the left side. The models all featured the enclosed primary chain design that was a DKW signature element.

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